laser hair removal

Katrina Read

Regis‚Äčtered Nurse

Nurse Independent Supplementary Prescriber


Fibra Laser

Our Fibra uses coupled microlenses with precise and uniform energy distribution with no thermal loss to target the chromophores in the skin.

Compared to other lasers such as Alexandrite and Ruby lasers, the diode works between the depth of 808-810nm, which gives it a higher selectivity between the hair and skin around it with superior melanin absorption. Therefore suitable for all skin types including tanned and hair colours including blonde and red.

Due to the high power Fibra DFA can perform super fast treatments with effective results faster than other lasers.

The Fibra offers a dual function of hair removal with skin rejuvenation simultaneously. It also offers skin rejuvenation as a stand alone treatment, very effective at treating age spots, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and unifying the skin tone.

The Fibra is complemented with blue diamond cooling and dual air compressors, which ensures safe, effective and painless treatments.